Have you ever stopped to wonder what happens to the trains you do not take? Where do all those people go and do they eventually reach what they were looking for?

What if trains were not simply means of travel taking you from one location to another, but bridges between realities existing individually and in their own special universe? What if taking the wrong train meant more than finding yourself in the wrong place, but entering a whole different reality where things were not the way they were back where you came from? And if your reality was looking grim, would you consciously take the wrong train knowing that what you are leaving may be lost forever?

Would it be easy to switch back and forth, perhaps expensive, certainly exhausting, possibly worth it, to consciously make a mistake? And would that be a mistake at all, would the big train captain then uncover your scheme, and make you switch back to your original destination? Would consciously buying the ticket to the wrong train infinitely lead you to the same reality you are escaping from?

And what does it mean to take the wrong train anyway, consciously at least? The wrong train would become the right train and the right train would simply be the train you do not want to take, the location you do not wish to visit, the journey you are not prepared to embark on.

So what is the wrong train then, and is it wrong after all, or simply a different path that you accidentally come across? At the end of the day, isn’t life all about possibility and coincidence meeting each other in the middle, giving birth to what is known as existence?

Do we have wrong choices, or do we simply have choices?

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