Thank You or Fuck You?

Life is all about perspectives. Be it with a half-full glass of water, a half-empty Nutella jar, truth is that reality is all in our hands and is shaped according to the way we decide to perceive it. And isn't that true for anything that happens to us? From a failed trip to a place, … Continue reading Thank You or Fuck You?


Dreams are an interesting thing. They define who we are and they give us aspirations in life, motivating us to keep going in order to reach that supposed happiness that will come with the realisation of our coveted wish. From temporary dreams to long term hopes, they push us along and give us a reason … Continue reading WORKING FOR YOUR DREAMS


Sometimes, you need a few moments in life to sit back and relax. As fourth year at uni takes its toll on me (or more like, punches me right in the face) and work takes up most of my free time, I often find myself gasping for breath and needing a few moments to close … Continue reading A PLACE TO UNWIND: OFF-GRID SCOTLAND


When you travel a lot, you get used to hearing the same sentence all over again from friends, family members, or even strangers. The three words that they think make a lot of sense and might make you feel good about yourself, but that never fail to frustrate me. 'I envy you' is something that … Continue reading WHY ‘ENVYING’ ISN’T THE ANSWER


Most people like travelling in groups. Be it a summer holiday with your friends or a quick winter escape, we sometimes feel more comfortable and safe travelling with someone, scared of the loneliness and the feeling of uncertainty tied to being on your own in a foreign, unknown place. I remember being younger and thinking … Continue reading 6 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD SOLO TRAVEL MORE

STORY TIME: Getting fined in Portovenere.

They say a life without risk, is hardly life at all. And isn't this true - from smaller adventures to full scale escapades, our life's most exciting times are hardly ones where we follow rules closely. You see it in history - what would have happened if Columbus had been too scared of the vastness … Continue reading STORY TIME: Getting fined in Portovenere.