Have you ever stopped to wonder what happens to the trains you do not take? Where do all those people go and do they eventually reach what they were looking for? What if trains were not simply means of travel taking you from one location to another, but bridges between realities existing individually and in … Continue reading TRAINS & REALITY.

Thank You or Fuck You?

Life is all about perspectives. Be it with a half-full glass of water, a half-empty Nutella jar, truth is that reality is all in our hands and is shaped according to the way we decide to perceive it. And isn't that true for anything that happens to us? From a failed trip to a place, … Continue reading Thank You or Fuck You?


Most of my life, I have been living by a specific set of rules. It wasn't something that I felt like I had to do, or something which was imposed to me, but rather something to help me keep myself grounded and give me a sense of purpose. The more confused my life got, the … Continue reading LIVING BY THE RULES


Dreams are an interesting thing. They define who we are and they give us aspirations in life, motivating us to keep going in order to reach that supposed happiness that will come with the realisation of our coveted wish. From temporary dreams to long term hopes, they push us along and give us a reason … Continue reading WORKING FOR YOUR DREAMS

STORY TIME: The Fontana di Trevi incident.

Throwback to a good ten years ago (God, I feel old). Italy. Rome. The Trevi Fountain. Nice right? Picture me and my parents, happily enjoying the sunny day as we stroll through the Roman alleyways in the direction of the Trevi Fountain. It’s not my first time in Rome - I have been here a … Continue reading STORY TIME: The Fontana di Trevi incident.


Next up on our Vietnam guide series is Halong Bay (or Halong-a, as my guide pronounced it), a conglomerate of tiny islands constellating the Vietnamese shores and creating an absolutely stunning set up for locals and foreigners looking for some peace of mind. Here is a short video I put together, with clips from the … Continue reading VIETNAM TRAVEL GUIDE: Halong Bay