Most of my life, I have been living by a specific set of rules. It wasn't something that I felt like I had to do, or something which was imposed to me, but rather something to help me keep myself grounded and give me a sense of purpose. The more confused my life got, the … Continue reading LIVING BY THE RULES



We all have those days when our first intake of breath feels like gas and your room like a prison cell, where you look outside your window and the day looks grey. When you feel alone in your bed but at the same time space is all you need. We all have those days where, … Continue reading THOSE LONELY MORNINGS

THE BIG NOTHING: October un-appreciation club

"Life is such an endless sum of beginnings and ends, consecutive events which mean all and nothing at the same time, this huge, massive, imperative big nothing. Because we breathe the same air and we eat the same things and we live the same way and it's like we don't make a change at all.. … Continue reading THE BIG NOTHING: October un-appreciation club