Have you ever stopped to wonder what happens to the trains you do not take? Where do all those people go and do they eventually reach what they were looking for? What if trains were not simply means of travel taking you from one location to another, but bridges between realities existing individually and in … Continue reading TRAINS & REALITY.


To a lot of people, loneliness can be a familiar feeling. It doesn’t have to be constant, doesn’t have to be something negative, but something that we all go through at some point. Be it because of an empty house, people leaving or solo travelling, this feeling seems to grip you all of a sudden … Continue reading LONELINESS


Sometimes, you need a few moments in life to sit back and relax. As fourth year at uni takes its toll on me (or more like, punches me right in the face) and work takes up most of my free time, I often find myself gasping for breath and needing a few moments to close … Continue reading A PLACE TO UNWIND: OFF-GRID SCOTLAND


I love Italy. I truly do. Countless times we've been told there is no place like home, and I can testify and support that thought like I can scream my own name to the world. After travelling to many places and falling in love in different corners of the world, I can't hide the fact … Continue reading NO PLACE IS PERFECT.


(Did I go to Berlin?) They say travelling is the food of the soul, a tool to widen your horizons and experience life in a different way. Reaching for the unknown and coming back richer than you were before. Travelling is about exploring, discovering, merging with a new reality and making it your own, if … Continue reading WHAT MAKES A TRIP WORTH IT?


Some people like to fly, some would rather take the road. Some stand in the middle, eager to move through air but also happy to witness landscapes from the ground floor. Personally, I do a fair share of both, as quite often - which means every single time - the airports I make use of … Continue reading BUS JOURNEYS