Exploring Tuscany: Massa

Ah, Tuscany. The land of vineyards, of romantic getaways, of art and literature. And for this year, also the land where by romantic partner had to move for work related reasons. Being the curious pinball that I am, we obviously had to take the opportunity to explore all our surroundings and make the most of … Continue reading Exploring Tuscany: Massa


Monday travel inspiration: BAVARIA, GERMANY! To keep in theme with the Christmas spirit, this week's travel inspiration is a bit less original but definitely a great spot to check out if you're a festive lover like me. Located in the Southern part of Germany, Bavaria - or Bayern - is a region with lots to … Continue reading CHRISTMAS TRAVEL INSPIRATION: BAVARIA, GERMANY!


Our travel inspiration of the week takes us to the mesmerising Mexico, in the Yucatan peninsula. In a setting very similar to the cave from H2O: Just Add Water (millennial talking here), Cenote Suytun is an underground cave which will take your breath away and make you feel like in a fairytale. Click to find out more.


This week's travel inspiration is a little more extravagant and wider: the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia. Situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire, it has been called the land of ice and fire where cold winters are counteracted by a multitude of active volcanoes sprinkled across the area. Find out more..