Sometimes, you need a few moments in life to sit back and relax. As fourth year at uni takes its toll on me (or more like, punches me right in the face) and work takes up most of my free time, I often find myself gasping for breath and needing a few moments to close … Continue reading A PLACE TO UNWIND: OFF-GRID SCOTLAND


When talking about Slovenia, Lake Bled is always on everyone’s tongues as they spill out all the good recommendations on the country. Nestled in the Julian Alps and right next to the Triglav National Park, the lake is apparently the background of fairytales, with such a unique beauty that could hardly be compared to anything … Continue reading SLOVENIA GUIDE: LAKE BLED


Next up on our Vietnam guide series is Halong Bay (or Halong-a, as my guide pronounced it), a conglomerate of tiny islands constellating the Vietnamese shores and creating an absolutely stunning set up for locals and foreigners looking for some peace of mind. Here is a short video I put together, with clips from the … Continue reading VIETNAM TRAVEL GUIDE: Halong Bay


When you travel a lot, you get used to hearing the same sentence all over again from friends, family members, or even strangers. The three words that they think make a lot of sense and might make you feel good about yourself, but that never fail to frustrate me. 'I envy you' is something that … Continue reading WHY ‘ENVYING’ ISN’T THE ANSWER


(Did I go to Berlin?) They say travelling is the food of the soul, a tool to widen your horizons and experience life in a different way. Reaching for the unknown and coming back richer than you were before. Travelling is about exploring, discovering, merging with a new reality and making it your own, if … Continue reading WHAT MAKES A TRIP WORTH IT?

VIETNAM GUIDE: a day in Hanoi

Remember how I told you guys I had missed my chance to see south east Asia this summer, as there were no more spots available for that Vietnam / Cambodia trip in late August? Turns out there was one left. And I got it. So what happened? Hanoi is the current capital of Viet Nam, … Continue reading VIETNAM GUIDE: a day in Hanoi


Here is an update for you all: I FINALLY TURNED 22! Crazy, right? The event happened 8 days ago, on a very busy beach in the French riviera, in the same country of last year's birthday and accompanied by the same two people. 22 is a big number to me for a few reasons: firstly, … Continue reading 22